For Owners

We know selling your business is a huge decision with many factors to weigh. Rest assured that trust is one of our core values. Confidentiality will be a priority as we move through each phase of this process, with total transparency along the way.

Gracefully exit your existing salon.

We’ll be sure:

  • You’re compensated for the value you’ve built
  • Your entire team is well taken care of with compensation and benefits
  • You have options on how involved you remain as a stylist, leader or other careers aspirations
  • You’re not left with outstanding debt, inventory, or lease obligations

Get back to doing what you love.

What to Expect


How do I get compensated for a business buyout?

You have options. We’ll work with you to find what’s best. These solutions may include a lump-sum buyout or a percentage of your team members’ future revenue.

What happens to my product inventory?

We have experience in negotiating product returns or buyouts with many product/brand lines and can find a solution that doesn’t leave you with your hands full of unusable product.

What will happen to my team if I close my salon?

We’ll work to place them in a LifeSpa location near you–a stable and secure work place where they’re together and earn similar or greater compensation.

What benefits do you offer team members?

  • Marketing support to grow their client list
  • Paid time off, including maternity leave
  • Medical, dental & vision insurance
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Advanced education
  • And more…

What is my path if I’m not an owner anymore?

You have options! Retire, get back behind the chair full-time, transition to management–to name a few.  Get your freedom back and choose the option that works best for you.

I’m feeling uncertain. Can we talk?

Absolutely. If you’re struggling with the decision on whether to shut your doors, we’re here to talk you through the pros and cons of all scenarios.  We want the right solution for you, and will be transparent about whether this is a good fit.

What can you tell me about Life Time?

Established in 1992, Life Time opened its first LifeSpa in 1994, evolving the business into full-service salons with hair, nails, skin and massage services. In 2011, Life Time exceeded $1 billion in revenue. When you join the LifeSpa team, you’re with a trusted, proven brand.

What’s next?

Schedule a consultation with Ali or Robbin.